Fruit & Vegetables

Photo of Celery Stick

Celery Stick

$0.69 each

Photo of Kiwi Fruit Green Each

Kiwi Fruit Green Each

$1.48 each

Photo of Potato Sweet Gold /Kg

Potato Sweet Gold /​Kg

$1.48 per kg

SPECIAL - Save $3.50
Photo of Avocado Each

Avocado Each

$1.98 each

Photo of Passion Fruit Each

Passion Fruit Each

$1.98 each

Photo of Pears Buerre Bosc /Kg

Pears Buerre Bosc /​Kg

$1.98 per kg

Photo of Red D'anga Pears Kg

Red D'anga Pears Kg

$1.98 per kg

Photo of Rockmelon 1/2

Rockmelon 1/​2

$1.98 each

Photo of Carrots Pre Pack 1kg

Carrots Pre Pack 1kg

$1.99 each

SPECIAL - Save 49c
Photo of Sage 25gm

Sage 25gm

$1.99 each

Photo of Jarra Pumpkin Whole Kg

Jarra Pumpkin Whole Kg

$2.00 per kg

Photo of Carrots /Kg

Carrots /​Kg

$2.48 per kg

Photo of J.C.'S Rice Wheels BBQ 140g

J.​C.​'S Rice Wheels BBQ 140g

$2.49 each ($1.78 per 100g)

Photo of J.C.'S Rice Wheels Chilli 140g

J.​C.​'S Rice Wheels Chilli 140g

$2.49 each ($1.78 per 100g)

Photo of Onions Brown /Kg

Onions Brown /​Kg

$2.69 per kg

SPECIAL - Save 29c
Photo of Onions Brown 1kg

Onions Brown 1kg

$2.88 each

Photo of Pears Locally Grown Packham /Kg

Pears Locally Grown Packham /​Kg

$2.98 per kg

Photo of Pineapple 1/2

Pineapple 1/​2

$2.98 each

Photo of Pumpkin Jap /Kg

Pumpkin Jap /​Kg

$2.98 per kg

Photo of Rock Melon Tub

Rock Melon Tub

$2.98 each

Photo of Spinach Pp 120g

Spinach Pp 120g

$2.98 each ($2.98 per 100g)

Photo of Thyme Tub

Thyme Tub

$2.98 each

Photo of Cracker Mix 90g

Cracker Mix 90g

$2.99 each ($0.33 per 10g)

Photo of J.C.'S Popping Corn 500g

J.​C.​'S Popping Corn 500g

$2.99 each ($0.60 per 100g)

Photo of Jc's Licorice Allsorts 200g

Jc's Licorice Allsorts 200g

$2.99 each

Photo of Oranges Navel /Kg

Oranges Navel /​Kg

$2.99 per kg

SPECIAL - Save $2.99
Photo of Potatoes Washed /Kg

Potatoes Washed /​Kg

$2.99 per kg

SPECIAL - Save 99c
Photo of Fruit Tray Medium Each

Fruit Tray Medium Each

$3.48 each

Photo of Little Red Tomatoes 200gm

Little Red Tomatoes 200gm

$3.48 each

Photo of Potatoes Brushed /Kg

Potatoes Brushed /​Kg

$3.48 per kg

Photo of Pumpkin Jarradale

Pumpkin Jarradale

$3.48 per kg

Photo of Tomatoes Blueys Snacking 200g

Tomatoes Blueys Snacking 200g

$3.48 each

Photo of J.C.'S Banana Chips 280g

J.​C.​'S Banana Chips 280g

$3.49 each ($1.25 per 100g)

Photo of Bacon & Ham Stripes 80g

Bacon & Ham Stripes 80g

$3.50 each

Photo of BBQ Tubes 90g

BBQ Tubes 90g

$3.50 each ($0.39 per 10g)

Photo of J.C.'S Choc Bud Mix 200gm

J.​C.​'S Choc Bud Mix 200gm

$3.50 each

Photo of Baby Spinach Leaves 100g

Baby Spinach Leaves 100g

$3.98 each

Photo of Basil


$3.98 each

Photo of Cab Sugarlf 1/2 Each

Cab Sugarlf 1/​2 Each

$3.98 each

Photo of Cauliflower 1/2 Each

Cauliflower 1/​2 Each

$3.98 each

Photo of Coolibah Salad Mix 100gm

Coolibah Salad Mix 100gm

$3.98 each ($3.98 per 100g)

Photo of Coriander


$3.98 each

Photo of Fresh Herbs Pre Packed

Fresh Herbs Pre Packed

$3.98 each

Photo of Herb Pp Mint 50g

Herb Pp Mint 50g

$3.98 each

Photo of Herbs Parsley Italian 50gm

Herbs Parsley Italian 50gm

$3.98 each

Photo of Locally Grown Fuji /Kg

Locally Grown Fuji /​Kg

$3.98 per kg

Photo of Mandarins /Kg

Mandarins /​Kg

$3.98 per kg

Photo of Potato Chats Kg

Potato Chats Kg

$3.98 each

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