Fruit & Vegetables

Photo of Silverbeet Each

Silverbeet Each

$12.98 each

Photo of Snow Pea Sprouts

Snow Pea Sprouts

$3.98 each

Photo of Snow Peas Kg P/P

Snow Peas Kg P/​P

$35.98 per kg

Photo of Spinach Pp 120g

Spinach Pp 120g

$2.98 each ($2.98 per 100g)

Photo of Sprouts Alf/Bean/Mung Beans Ea

Sprouts Alf/​Bean/​Mung Beans Ea

$3.98 each

Photo of Squash /Kg

Squash /​Kg

$24.98 per kg

Photo of Sugar Snap Peas /Kg

Sugar Snap Peas /​Kg

$35.98 per kg

Photo of Supernuts Boiled Salted Peanuts

Supernuts Boiled Salted Peanuts

$6.99 each

Photo of Thyme Tub

Thyme Tub

$2.98 each

Photo of Tmg Mixed Nuts Unsalted 375g

Tmg Mixed Nuts Unsalted 375g

$8.20 each

Photo of Tomatoes Gourmet 10kg Box

Tomatoes Gourmet 10kg Box

$55.00 each

Photo of Tomatoes Truss Pre Packed

Tomatoes Truss Pre Packed

$6.98 each

Photo of Wombok 1/2

Wombok 1/​2

$7.98 each

Photo of Wombok Cabbage

Wombok Cabbage

$15.81 each

Photo of Zucchini Green /Kg

Zucchini Green /​Kg

$4.99 per kg

SPECIAL - Save $2.99
Photo of Zucchini Green 500g Net P/P

Zucchini Green 500g Net P/​P

$5.98 each

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